Obtain Carbon Intelligence with Enterprise

Build a digital carbon map of your organization and sync data with procurement teams in order to increase your overall investment.

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Automated Emissions Measurement

Utilize the Cedara measurement engine to translate your company's business operations into a digital carbon footprint. Data is mapped against Cedara's emissions database, which includes thousands of emission factors in order to ensure the highest accuracy.

Automated Emission Measurement

Business Intelligence

Easily track the carbon intensity across your organization. Obtain advanced insights to plan and deliver positive results for your business.

Offset Marketplace

Fund high-quality and verified projects to offset your emissions and become carbon neutral. Purchase pre-built portfolios or easily create your own custom portfolio in real-time.

Data Syncing

Easily share and sync data with procurement teams enabling them to measure the carbon intensity against their investments. Showcase your sustainability efforts and increase your ROI.

Employee Level Access

Empower your employees to track corporate sustainability progress and offset their daily activities. Build a corporate matching program to incentivize your employees.

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