The Carbon Intelligence Platform

Powering actionable data to decarbonize supply chains

Build a Sustainable Supply Path

Track the carbon intensity across your supply chain in order to optimize your investment strategy and accelerate your efforts towards achieving net zero.

Transition to the Sustainable Economy


Faster growth vs products not marketed as sustainable

NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Businesses


Higher return on equity for businesses with sustainable standards

McKinsey & Company


Top talent will only want to work at sustainable companies

HP Workforce Survey

Begin Decarbonizing with Cedara’s Product Suite


Build an automated digital carbon map of your organization and sync data with client procurement teams.

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Investment Hub

Track the carbon intensity across vendors in order to make smarter investment decisions and decarbonize your supply chain.

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Cedara Factors

Access our library of proprietary emission factors, built to enhance measurement accuracy across your business and supply chain, or import your own.

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Access Disruptive Industry Solutions

Media & Advertising

Customized carbon intelligence solutions for brands, agencies, ad platforms, and publishers to decarbonize the media industry.

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