The Carbon
Intelligence Platform

Powering actionable data to decarbonize the marketing supply chain

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Cedara’s solutions to decarbonize
Infrastructure for supply
chain emissions management
Corporate measurement
Complete measurement across all businesses activities including media.
Data harmonization
Utilizing industry frameworks to ensure consistency across the supply chain.
Emissions reduction
Creating a path to net zero via corporate reduction strategies.

Introducing Hive

The industry’s leading solution for corporate measurement and supply chain management.

Revolutionize your sustainability path with our solutions and access advanced analytics to pinpoint environmental impacts. 
Seamlessly integrate with your operations, providing actionable insights utilizing industry frameworks and recommendations.

Marketing Emissions Are
Substantial and Increasing
$874.5 B
2023 Global Advertising Spend
Percentage of Global Emissions
Ad Net Zero
1.2GT CO₂
2022 Total Emissions
Supporting the Following
Supply Chains

Access Hive Tracker

A majority of emissions live within the supply chain. Leverage Hive Tracker to seamlessly onboard supply chain vendors and gather essential corporate emissions intelligence for expediting your journey to net zero, both for your business and the broader industry. Set a precedent for sustainable practices and driving collective progress toward a greener future.

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