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Consumers willing to pay more for sustainable products

Wharton’s Baker Retailing Center

Faster growth vs products not marketed as sustainable

NYU Stern Center for Sustainable Businesses

Higher return on equity for businesses that implement sustainability practices

McKinsey & Company

Build a path to Net Zero

Measure each of your Scope1, 2, 3

Our automated workflows allow you to easily measure each of your Scope 1, 2, 3 GHG emissions.

analytics charts

Your emissions data is computed into detailed reports enabling you to understand your carbon activity so you can start building a climate action plan.

to Net Zero

Create specific goals with assigned stakeholders within your organization and begin your path to Net Zero.

Cedara marketplace

Access our marketplace to offset any remaining emissions and become carbon neutral. We offer access to top tier projects that are making a big impact on attacking climate change.

track progress

Provide automated transparency to all your employees and across your supply chain. Allow them to track your progress towards sustainability.

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Employee Integration

Cedara connects across your entire organization enabling employees to get involved on the path to sustainability

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Company Matching

Incentivize your employees to offset their emissions.

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Accelerate Reduction

Create employee goals on reducing corporate emissions.

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Provide Transparency

Allow your employees to track corporate progress on sustainability efforts.

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Increased Retention

Attract and improve talent relations with sustainability initiatives.

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Best in Class Support

We provide clients with the highest level of support with

  • Emissions tracking consultations with our climate experts
  • Decarbonization strategies and lifecycle assessment
  • Platform onboarding and product education
  • Dedicated technical account team and troubleshooting
best of class supportbest of class support

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