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Cedara’s solutions to decarbonize

Corporate Measurement

As the world’s first carbon measurement platform for the marketing industry, Hive provides comprehensive sustainability measurement for businesses, covering Scope 1-3 including media.

Cedara also supports setting net zero targets for clients via SBTI submissions, cementing a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Logs SRI, Greenhouse Gas protocol, Global Alliance for social media, Alliance Digitalle
Total Emission by GHG scope
Total emission by Vendors

Supply Chain Management

Allow Hive to measure your total investment across media delivery channels to obtain a detailed view of your Scope 3 emissions. Access Hive Tracker to streamline vendor onboarding and collect accurate emissions data, enhancing precision across measurement. This not only propels companies toward net-zero but also facilitates the creation of a transparent supply chain.

Empower your business with a comprehensive approach to sustainability, ensuring accountability and environmental consciousness in every aspect of your operations.

Reduce Emissions

Harness Hive’s dynamic platform to drive carbon reduction across your business. Implement tactical changes and explore our Reduction Marketplace to leverage third-party technologies and services, specifically tailored to reduce media-related and overall emissions.

Cedara stands as your strategic partner on the journey towards a greener and more responsible business ecosystem.

emission reduced Campaign a and Campaign b
Compensate Emissions
Purchase transformative 3rd party decarbonization projects
to compensate your media and corporate emissions.
Concrete Mineralization
Concrete Mineralization
Direct Air Capture
Direct Air Capture
Kelp Farming
Kelp Farming