Media & Advertising

Partner with Cedara to build carbon map, make investment decisions, and accelerate efforts to achieve net zero across your media supply chain.

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Media Taxonomy

The first-ever emissions media taxonomy is built within the GHG framework and helps decision-makers understand the distribution of carbon emissions across their existing media supply chain.

Brands & Agencies

Investment Intensity

Track your carbon investment intensity across vendors and analyze your supply chain’s trend towards net zero.

Vendor Management

Easily manage all of your vendors and obtain a full profile by partner on their total emissions as well as their reduction efforts.

Campaign Delivery

Export campaign delivery reports from ad platforms into Cedara and calculate campaign emissions data across vendors and publishers.

Ad Platforms & Publishers

Measurement & Business Intelligence

Automatically translate commercial activities into carbon data and generate comprehensive analyses.

Become Carbon Neutral

Leverage Cedara’s Offset Marketplace to purchase offsets and become carbon neutral. Automate your purchases to remain carbon neutral by enabling recurrent buys. Extend access to your employees and incentivize them to become carbon neutral.

Data Syncing

Seamlessly share data with brand and agency account teams enabling them to track your sustainability efforts. Showcase your progress and win more investment.

Cedara Factors for Media

Increase Accuracy

Tap into Cedara’s custom emission factor library, built specifically to accurately measure emissions in the media industry. Import your own emission calculators into Enterprise for your vendors to utilize.

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Increase accuracy