About Us
The team at Cedara recognizes that the world is currently on an unsustainable path. But through proactive measures, we can change our course and build a sustainable future. It is crucial for businesses around the world to adopt regenerative corporate policies to turn the tide in our fight against the climate crisis.

At Cedara, we are driven to take on macro challenges through a high-impact, data-driven approach that aligns with our values. We want to do our part in making a difference and to inspire others to do the same. Our goal is to build transformative solutions for businesses and accelerate the shift to a new sustainable economy.
About Us for Cedara
Executive Team
David Shaw
David Shaw
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David has spent over 15 years in the tech and software industry. A lifelong nature lover, David created Cedara to contribute to accelerating the path for a better future for the planet.

Prior to Cedara, he helped open the US offices at Teads, one of the largest ad tech platforms in the world. At Teads, he created and headed Teads ad manager growing it to over $250mm in annual revenue.

Andrei Baragan
Andrei Baragan
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Andrei is a serial tech entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in the software industry building and scaling engineering, product and UX/UI teams.

Prior to Cedara, he founded Branient, an interactive advertising creation and production software platform, which was later acquired by Teads and serves as the foundation of the Teads Studio division.
Eric Shih
Eric Shih
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Eric has more than 20 years of digital media leadership, business development, monetization and strategy experience.

Prior to Cedara, Eric served as Chief Growth Officer at the healthcare marketing operating system, Lasso (which was acquired by IQVIA), and formerly as Chief Supply Officer on the global leadership team at Teads. He had previously held management positions at Scripps Networks (now Discovery Communications), A&E Networks and Fuse.

Why Cedara
We’re dedicated to pioneering 
cutting-edge technologies, pushing boundaries to drive innovation and shape the future of climate tech.
We foster a dynamic corporate culture that values collaboration, creativity, and inclusivity, empowering our team to drive innovation and excellence in everything we do.
Committed to creating real-world impact, we strive to innovate and provide solutions that positively transform industries, communities, and the planet.
Personal Growth
Nurturing personal growth is our priority and we focus on cultivating an environment where every team member can flourish, innovate, and achieve their full potential.
What our clients say
"We are thrilled to partner with Cedara on this important initiative to measure and reduce our environmental impact. Yieldmo is dedicated to sustainability and will continue to innovate and invest in solutions benefiting both the industry and the planet. We needed a solution that provided actionable data for our company as well as our media partners, and this partnership delivered on that goal."
Teddy Jawde
Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Yieldmo
Some of our Partners
GumgumMOBKOImultilocalZEFRCaptifyYieldmoLAssoShowheroesVerse GroupOutbrainHay marketAnzuOpenxVioohCroudtugBlack EnterpriseSMRSBill UpJaa The Independent Media AgencySkyriseTeadsOne 10
Our timeline
Cedara is founded based on the concern of the current trajectory of our planet and the founders ambition to help drive change.
Cedara opens a UK office, continues expanding the team with amazing and dedicated talent, and grows its client base with sustainably focused businesses.
Cedara is in stealth mode and commercializes in Q4 while also completing a Seed round.
Cedara to continue expanding into more markets globally, hiring across all departments, and accelerating its efforts to drive impact towards a better tomorrow.

Our goal is to build transformative solutions for businesses and accelerate the shift to a new sustainable economy.

build transformative solutions

Let's grow together

Cedara is looking for great talent to join our team! If you’re interested in learning more, then please send us a note at contact@cedara.io