Hive is the world’s first platform providing businesses with an end-to-end sustainability solution specifically built for the marketing industry.

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Proprietary Mapping Engine

Hive’s proprietary mapping engine seamlessly integrates with any data source through APIs, automatically mapping data sets to globally recognized emission factors and industry standards, empowering organizations to compute precise carbon emissions.

Hive's mapping engine measures all media delivery across your business and harmonizes the data sets needed to work with a brand and agency's methodology. Hive streamlines the process and also ensures accuracy in assessing and mitigating carbon footprints.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Accessing Hive's Business Intelligence and Reporting suite provides you with comprehensive carbon emission tracking. Clients can effortlessly monitor emissions from all business operations, including media delivery by channel enabling informed decision-making.

Stay ahead with Hive's intuitive platform, ensuring a seamless and transparent approach to managing your organization's carbon footprint.

Hive Tracker
The supply chain management solution for the marketing industry.

Hive Tracker enables companies to onboard media vendors effortlessly, prompting them to transparently share their complete emissions data.

Stay in control of your environmental impact with Hive Tracker, fostering a collaborative and eco-conscious business ecosystem.

Reduction Marketplace

Access our Reduction Marketplace seamlessly through Hive, revolutionizing emission reduction strategies. We integrate third-party companies dedicated to lowering emissions, allowing businesses to effortlessly leverage their technologies and services within the Hive ecosystem.

Companies can efficiently reduce campaign and overall corporate emissions, aligning with sustainability goals.

Compensation Portfolios

Build a sustainable future by creating decarbonization portfolios through transformative projects that actively compensate emissions across your organization and media.

With Hive, companies can curate portfolios centered on sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. Portfolios can be built in real-time by technology type, verifier, geo, and easily shared with media clients.