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Provide Brands and Agencies with an Accurate Carbon Profile of your Business

Current carbon modeling from brands and agencies utilizes supply chain emission estimations. These estimations can often have a negative impact on your business as it can reflect incorrect emissions data.

When working with Cedara, we will build an accurate carbon profile of your business along with a corporate intensity following the industry framework so that the data is automatically harmonized. Showcase your actual data and progress with clients.

You own your data and Cedara will help you share it.

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Industry Benchmark 3.5
What Is Corporate Intensity?
  • Measure of how much CO2e is produced per unit of economic output
  • Units of economic output can be tied to revenue or industry-specific metrics such as impressions
Reasons for Calculating Corporate Intensities?
  • Provides apples-to-apples comparison of companies of different sizes as well as across industry segments
  • Allows to compare GHG emissions over time from previous time periods
  • Compare performance against peers in the industry
  • Compare efficiency and performance of supply chain vendors particularly against net zero progression
How is Corporate Intensity Useful for Brands and Agencies?
  • Brands and agencies currently use estimated data for much of their campaign emissions calculators. Having actual corporate intensities enables them to update from estimates to actuals which leads to more accurate modeling and decision.
  • Enables them to track your progress to net zero seamlessly.