Cedara, the carbon intelligence platform,  announces the release of Investment Hub, designed for brands and media agencies to allow management of carbon emissions across investments to their vendors, including ad platforms, publishers, and the broader supply chain.

Clients gain access to robust business intelligence in order to track emissions by vendor, campaign, media category, and their trajectory towards net zero across their investments.

Clients can utilise the vendor management solution in Investment Hub in order to add and manage each of their suppliers. A vendor’s carbon data can easily be shared and synced into Investment Hub from Cedara Enterprise, giving clients the ability to track their emissions profile. In addition, clients can measure impression intensity, which is the amount of carbon emitted per one thousand impressions delivered, for each of their media distribution partners. Clients can also seamlessly import final campaign delivery reports from any platform, and allow the Cedara engine to automatically translate that data into a detailed carbon footprint.

"The media industry has a significant impact on the environment, so it’s essential to provide brands and agencies with a solution to help them accelerate their efforts in achieving net zero," said David Shaw, CEO of Cedara. "Investment Hub empowers them to have full transparency across their supply chain and build a sustainable supply path across their investments.”

Investment Hub is fully integrated with Enterprise, making it easy for brands and media agencies to obtain carbon data from their supply chain. Additionally, Cedara Factors enables agencies to automatically apply their own set of emissions factors to calculate and measure the carbon profiles of their vendors.