Cedara, the first end-to-end climate management platform empowering businesses of any size and their employees to seamlessly take climate action, announces its official launch and that it will waive platform access fees for beta clients in 2022. With Cedara, businesses are able to easily measure and reduce carbon emissions across their organization. As part of the beta, Cedara will automate emissions reporting, which will automatically update on a recurring, monthly basis with little effort from clients.

“Global pressure is building for businesses to adopt sustainability practices and we are starting to see some of the world’s largest brands begin to act”

As climate change is increasing at a faster rate than previously forecasted, businesses are being scrutinized globally by regulators and financial institutions to report carbon emissions, as well as by consumers to adopt sustainability practices. This is a major step in transitioning to a sustainable economy, however most businesses lack the tools and scalable solutions to meet these requirements.

Cedara helps both SMBs and larger enterprises to create and execute on climate objectives - from being carbon neutral to building a path to net zero. Through its modular software platform, businesses are able to measure, reduce, offset, and report across all carbon activity from their operations including their supply chain. In addition, Cedara offers clients employee-level access, via Enterprise+, enabling the entire organization to work together and further support a bottoms-up approach to help tackle climate change.

“Global pressure is building for businesses to adopt sustainability practices and we are starting to see some of the world’s largest brands begin to act,” said Cedara CEO David Shaw. “Sustainability is not just great for our planet, but also great for business and will be essential for long-term corporate growth. Large brands are already starting to demand transparency from their supply chain and consumers are now shifting spend to sustainable products and services. Climate-forward companies will have an edge on competition and the opportunity to emerge as future industry leaders.”

Cedara is now commercially available and interested companies can sign-up for the public beta by e-mailing contact@cedara.io

About Cedara:

Cedara, founded in 2021, is on a mission to help businesses decarbonize and to build a more sustainable future for society. With its end-to-end climate management software platform, Cedara enables organizations of any size, along with their employees, to measure, reduce, offset and report on all carbon emissions. Cedara adopts a high-impact, data-driven approach to develop transformative solutions for enterprises and their partners to accelerate the shift to a climate-friendly economy. To learn more, please visit cedara.io